Government Arts And Science College, Modakkuruchi, situated in a kanagamalai campus of 25 acres of land has been providing quality education since 16 August 2012. The college was started with five courses in order to provide education to the students of the nearby villages who were economically backward. Though the college is located in a rural area it caters to the needs of the students who belong to the lower strata of the society. Local philanthropists were generous enough to donate liberally to the establishment of the college.

          The college is functioning in an excellent manner, paving way to the introduction of many new courses. It is trying its level best to introduce the latest courses to the benefit of the students. The college is looking for ways and means to develop further in all possible dimensions. The enhancement of quality is consistently attained by providing better facilities to the student community, introducing new avenues and programmes for their better growth.


To reshape the rural youth through education by refining their goals and infusing moral, ethical and humanistic values to elevate the nation.


To empower the rural youth with an elevated spirit of competence to face the challenges of life.

To bring out their innate flair for interpersonal skills and fine-tune them as masters of multi-tasking.

To craft them to be trend-setters with social responsibility, safeguarding cultural heritage.

To train them as entrepreneurs of high order.

To provide a calm and unruffled milieu to instigate research thirst.

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To safeguard the basic rights of education to the underprivileged sections of the society.

To make every rural student a degree holder and achieve academic excellence.

To propagate universal brotherhood and eco-consciousness.

To create an awareness about career opportunities abroad.

To inculcate excellence to bring out the hidden potential.

To engender new-fangled ideas to eradicate inertness in research .


Providing quality education since 16th August 2012
Date/Year Milestone
16/08/2012 The college was started with five courses.
2012 - 2013 The following courses were introduced.
UG course
1. B.A(English)
2. B.Sc., Computer Science
3..B.Sc., Mathematics
4. B.Com (CA)
5. BBA (CA)
2015 - 2016 The following courses were introduced.
UG course
1. B.A., Tamil
2. B.Sc(Physics)
PG course
1. M.A., English
2..M.Sc., Mathematics
3. M.Sc., Computer Science
4. M.Com (CA) The following courses were introduced

1. M.Phil., Commerce (Part Time / Full Time)
2. Ph.D., Commerce (Part Time / Full Time)
2017-2018 The following course was introduced.

PG course
1. M.Com.,
1. M.Phil., Mathematics (Part Time /Full time)
2. M.Phil., Computer Science (Part Time /Full time)
3. Ph.D., Mathematics (Part Time /Full time)
4. Ph.D., Computer Science (Part Time /Full time)
2018-2019 The following courses were introduced.

1. Ph.D. Computer Science (Part Time/Full Time)
2. Ph.D. Political Science (Part Time/Full Time)
2014-2015 The following course were introduced.
UG course
1. B.Com
2023-2024 The following course were introduced.
UG course
1. B.Sc., Zoology
2016 - 2017 The following course were introduced

1. M.Phil., Tamil (Part Time / Full Time)
2. Ph.D., Tamil (Part Time / Full Time)
3. M.Phil., English (Part Time / Full Time)
4. Ph.D., English (Part Time / Full Time)